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By: Naomi Shaw

Bridesmaids are typically tasked with planning a bride’s wedding shower. And while most showers still consist of the typical and traditional format—games, cake, presents…done!—many hosts and hostesses are showering the bride and groom in their own way. Some events include pets, others may be held abroad. But there’s one idea that tops all showers—the wine shower!

For the future bride or groom who loves wine, there is no better shower idea than a shower that integrates the vino into the celebration! Planning a Vineyard Shower is classy, chic and intoxicatingly unique! Although please don’t let the guests celebrate to the point of public intoxication.

Ready to break out the wine glasses? Here are all the details you need to pour—I mean…plan–the perfect wine-centric wedding shower.

wine wedding shower ideas

Book a Winery

For the most on-theme location, look into hosting the shower at a local winery. Many often have accommodations for private parties including weddings. Just be sure to know your budget ahead of time so you know which location will be best for your party. Yes, you also can host the event at your home! When serving food, be sure the meal complements the wine. Of course, you also can offer cheese and fruit trays.

Drink Options

While the bride or groom may love wine, some guests might not drink. Be sure to offer a variety of other drink options for those who don’t wish to taste the latest vintage. Consider punch, water, and tea. Also, plan to have either a wine tasting event or purchase a variety of wines for guests—some may love chardonnay while others love merlot.

Designated Drivers

Any guest who will be drinking should not be driving. Plan ahead for Ubers or designated drivers to ensure revelers get home safely.

Consider an Overnight Event

Some wineries are located near many bed and breakfasts, or they may even offer overnight accommodations. If the guest list is small, look into having an overnight event. This also ensures that guests may drink and not worry heading home for the night.

Theme the Cake

Every wedding shower needs a cake! Have fun with the cake for your wine-themed event. Have the cake designed into a wine bottle or include grapevine accents. Talk to your baker about unique design options!


If the couple has a gift registry, it’s perfectly fine to convey this to guests…if they ask! Don’t include registry details in the invite, as this information should be shared via word of mouth.

The Guest List

Some relatives or older guests may feel more comfortable attending a traditional shower. Talk to the couple to see who they would like to invite. For an event that will be hosted at a winery, guests may need to be of legal drinking age to attend. Talk to your location about any limitations or other stipulations.

While many wedding showers continue to follow the traditional format, think outside the box when you’re the host or hostess and plan a one-of-a-kind event. For brides and grooms who know the perfect vintage, a wine-tasting wedding shower is an elegant and unique way to shower the guest-of-honor for their upcoming nuptials. Choose a local winery or even your home to host an amazing wine-tasting event to toast to the happy couple!


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