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Let’s face it, wedding planning can be extremely overwhelming. When you add the worry of the cost of a wedding into the equation, it can make things even more complicated. Thankfully here at Chaumette, we work with lots of couples with a variety of budgets. Our wedding coordinators have lots of tips on how to plan a wedding on a budget to keep your wedding costs low along with your overall stress level!

Wedding Date

Since Saturday is the most popular day of the week to be married, consider a Friday or Sunday celebration. Everything from your wedding venue to your photographer offers discounted rates on Friday and Sunday events.

Guest list

There are a few general rules you may want to stick to when creating your guest list. Consider these questions:

  • Have you met, spoken to or heard of the person?
  • Did you attend their wedding?
  • Have you seen them within the past 3 years?
  • If you moved away, would you keep in touch?
  • Are you inviting them out of guilt?

These are a few of the many questions you will have to ask yourself when making your guest list. Our advice is to be sure you are inviting people you love and want to be surrounded by on YOUR big day. Also, come up with a response ahead of time if you are questioned such as “We wish we could invite everyone but between the venue space and our budget, we weren’t able to.”

wedding ceremony


When it comes to your wedding ceremony, pick a place that is naturally beautiful so you don’t have to spend much on decorating. Think lush greenery, vineyards, mountains or the beach!

DIY Decor

Speaking of decor, there are tons of ways to DIY your wedding decor. Think of those Christmas lights you have in storage, inexpensive candles and be sure to look into the decor your venue provides at no cost!


Try to stay in season when it comes to flowers and don’t be above adding some faux flowers to the bouquets. Keep in mind that carnations are the most cost-effective flowers (and come in lots of colors) and roses are pretty affordable no matter what time of year it may be.

wedding desserts, wedding dessert, wedding cake


The days of needing to have a large, impressive wedding cake have passed. To keep costs down, choose the smaller cake of your dreams and buy sheet cakes to keep in the kitchen and have the venue waitstaff cut and serve those instead. Also, who says you have to have a cake? Why not serve your favorite desserts? Cupcakes, cookies, donuts and these wedding dessert ideas will add a unique flair to your wedding. Make it personal by serving something close to your heart such as your Grandma’s famous apple pie.

Reception Venue

Although it may seem that an at-home wedding is cheaper, once you rent everything you need to transform your home into a wedding reception venue such as tents, chairs, dance floor, portable bathrooms, flatware, linens and the caterer the costs add up quickly! Save yourself the time and stress and look for a wedding reception venue that includes everything in the venue fee.


Try to choose one amazing element and keep the rest of your invitation simple. Whether it is a fancy die cut, top quality paper, specialty inks, decorative envelope lining or fancy typography. Let that one element shine to really get your money’s worth. Also, beware of oversized postage fees!

The Tux

Sticking to a classic black (nondesigner) tux will definitely help you save. Also, encourage groomsmen to rent from the same place and many times the groom’s tux rental is free!



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