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Is your big day on the horizon? Chances are that you’re looking for a cheap, cheerful yet thoughtful way to thank your guests for joining you and to show them how much you love them. You should surprise your wonderful guests with unique wedding favors on your wedding day.

Personalized wedding favors are the best

personalized wedding favorsPersonalization is key – nobody likes receiving a generic present. It’s very easy to buy something for someone, but it takes a little more time and attention to personalize it for your loved one. Personalized wedding favors are simply the best way to show appreciation for your guests. There are many ways to personalize a gift, from labels to handwritten messages.

Personalized gifts are so much more meaningful – your guests will have them as a memento of the special day for years to come. Gift personalization makes any item unique, and it’s less likely that your guests will have seen that present before. If you want to make a great impression on your guests and have a wedding that is remembered, you should consider wedding favor personalization.

Personalize the wedding favor packaging

candy box wedding favor

It’s super easy and effective to personalize the packaging for your wedding favors. Little paper gift bags, party bags, gable boxes and mason jars are all fabulous ways to store the little gifts. You can fill these with all sorts of treats, from candy to seeds. Bridal Shower Co stocks all of the above, and also offers fantastic personalized labels for mason jar wedding favors that would also work stuck on any other packaging. These labels will allow you to neatly address your guests with their name and a little message. Just fill these up with little gifts and you’re ready to go!

Useful gifts are the best kind

useful wedding favors

Consider purchasing a gift that will be of use to the daily life of your guest, or at least useful for the big day itself. Are you planning a beach wedding? Then perhaps buying some sunglasses would be a good way to go, to ensure that your guests can see the ceremony without being blinded by the sun. Do your guests really enjoy a good brew? Maybe this heart-shaped tea infuser favor and a parcel of loose leaf tea would serve them well to regain their energy in their hotel rooms after the wedding ceremony. Any object that will stand the test of time and can be used again and again will serve as the perfect memento.

Baking: the way to the hearts of your guests

diy wedding favors

Deep down, everybody has a sweet tooth. Baked goods are a sure-fire way to impress your guests and, especially if you’ve baked them yourself, showcase your talents. Wedding favors made by your fair hand are always going to be the best.  Are you having a seasonal wedding? Consider Christmas themed cookies or this Spring maybe some cupcakes with mini eggs on top would go down a treat.

Which gifts will you be presenting to your wedding guests? Let me know in the comments below.

By: Hollie Jones

Hollie is a freelance writer and co-writer for the Hollie and the Ivy blog. She is passionate about upcycling, interior design, crafts and weddings. Hollie enjoys writing about these topics and spreading her knowledge and experience to others.


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