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By: Kayla Rigler

Bridesmaids, this is your time to shine! This is your time to take the reigns and plan shower for the bride. The bride has more than likely given her life to planning this wedding and she has probably enlisted your help in a lot of stuff, but it’s your turn to do all the leg work. This won’t be a cheap excursion, but it doesn’t have to be über expensive either. Anyone can plan a shower, but will you plan the best bridal shower ever?

Bridal Shower Basics

A bridal shower is a time to shower the bride in gifts in anticipation for her big day. Not only will you shower her with gifts, but more than likely there will be tons of girl talk and marital advice. The bridal shower is a party headed by the maid of honor and assisted by the bridesmaids. TIP: Make this party as personal as you can for your guest of honor!


Not sure where to start? Reach out to all the bridesmaids in the wedding party. Include the groomsmen and coordinate with the best man about the bachelor party. This conversation can help you plan accordingly for the bachelorette party (yes, this is your responsibility too!) Bridesmaids may have ideas as well, so keep an ear out! You never know what you’ll find.

Ask the Maids

Along with the outreach and plans, you’re going to want help achieving what needs to be done for the actual shower. You won’t want to do it all on your own. Most bridesmaids will offer physical and monetary assistance. Who better to ask than your maids? You’ve asked their opinions, now ask for their help!

The Guests

Be considerate of the guests. This may sound silly since the party is about showering the bride with love and presents, but be mindful of the guests too. Occasionally there are inappropriate games or presents at the shower. This can be fun, but don’t let grandma leave thinking you’re distasteful.

Additionally, consider the number of guests you have for the venue you’ve booked for the event. Just like a wedding, certain venues might have a minimum or a maximum number of guests allowed… Be sure to ask!

Pro tip: Don’t invite anyone to the shower that isn’t on the guest list for the wedding.

Pick a Theme

Having a theme shower can make the party all the more fun. After you’ve got some plans thought out, place them all together and chat with the other maids. Give them the option to help with setting the plans. The more involved they are, the easier everything will be for you. Remember, the shower does not have to match the wedding, but make them cohesive. It will show the bride that you’ve put a lot of time and effort into it.


Games (or an activity) elevate bridal showers. If you’re set on having inappropriate games, save them for the bachelorette party. There are countless games that the bride could benefit from in the long run. Interactive games are a blast!

Consider other activities as well! Stand out and make this an event that guests won’t forget!


Ensure there are snacks to have during. The party won’t last much over a few hours, but during that time your guests may get hungry, especially if it falls over a meal time. You don’t have to provide a three-course meal with dessert. Snack foods work well.


Be sure that the favors that you give are constant reminders of the bride and her big day. Candy is a great, cheap favor, but face it… That is gone shortly after it is given. So what can you share that will cause them to think of the bride?

Growing with Love

Seeds or flowers are great to give. For those that don’t have a green thumb, give guests a plant that is already potted. If you’ve got a budget that doesn’t fit but totally love the ‘growing with love’ idea, give out seeds with a personalized label!

Sparkling With Love

What could leave you sparkling with love, other than being in love? Nail polish, of course! Many women enjoy that fresh coat of polish! The cool thing about this favor? They can wear it to the wedding! Add a cute tag to the bottle like this one.

Overflowing With Love

You’ve probably heard the Psalm 23:5, “My cup runneth over”… Well, why not give an etched glass to each guest? Each time they drink out of that glass, they’ll remember celebrating with the bride in anticipation for her big day!

Having Trouble?

Think outside the box. You don’t have to have a shower with games and favors. There are other options out there for a shower. They may be a bit more pricey but may be a shower that goes down in history.

Go Make Pottery

Making pottery can be a blast! What’s cool about this is, guests will be able to give their piece to the bride or can keep it for their self!

Make Jewelry For The Wedding

The bridal shower is before the wedding so this is a great opportunity to find a jewelry making class to either make the jewelry that will be worn in the wedding or maybe your guests will wear them to the wedding. Either way, cute jewelry will be involved.

Do a Painting Class

We constantly see those pretty, homemade paintings that usually include a glass of wine. Sit back and paint a picture to keep in your house. For the bride, she will be able to look at that painting and be reminded of what a blast her bridal shower was.

A bridal shower should be fit for the bride. Each shower will be different because each bride is different, but most of the time, each shower is the same in its own way. Don’t bring the hammer down hard on yourself as this isn’t rocket science. The maid of honor is in charge of planning such events and the maids are there to help with anything else. This particular group should know who the bride is; What a better way to plan than with people that know the bride the best? Happy planning!


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