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By: Naomi Shaw

Retreating to a destination that captures a couple’s shared interests or passions creates the most relaxing and romantic honeymoon hideaway to celebrate the first few days of wedded bliss. For couples who are wine connoisseurs at heart, relishing lush vineyards while sipping glasses of the finest vintage at a relaxing retreat in wine country embodies the ideal dream honeymoon.

Incredible wineries are located throughout the country and, of course, around the world. Get ready to take a virtual world wine tour, because we’re going to check out the best places to visit for incredible wine, romance and intoxicating fun!

Here are the top five honeymoon destinations that offer the perfect vintage for honeymooners:

Morocco: Yes, Morocco! African wineries are amazing treasures. In Morocco, Islam is widely practiced. And, like many religions, devout practitioners do not drink alcohol. However, grapes grow lusciously in the ideal climate, and many cities offer wine tours… including the city of Casablanca (yes, THAT Casablanca). Channel Humphrey Bogart and Ingrid Bergman enjoy the beautiful and insanely romantic exotic honeymoon destination while sampling the finest vintages of the country. And, according to travel site BootsnAll, Morocco is also one of the cheapest destinations to visit for wine tasting. Feeling extra adventurous after a glass or two? Take a camel ride on the beach in Essaouira.

tuscany italyTuscany, Italy: Sit under the Tuscan sun and enjoy the wines of the region. Like France, Italy is one of the top producers of wine in the world, and Tuscany really specializes in reds. The views are amazing, and the food is unforgettable…it is, after all, Italy! Smaller wineries in the region will offer a more romantic and intimate setting for couples.

Reims, France: About 80 miles from Paris, Reims is home to the premier French champagne house. Taittinger, per Frommers, “is a grand marque of French champagne, one of the few still controlled by members of the family that founded it.” Tour the cellars and enjoy custom tastings of the finest champagne in the world.
Missouri Wine Country: The Midwest is home to many local wineries that are dotted along the fertile edges of the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers. The varieties of wines offered by Missouri wineries are vast, and each winery yields its own unique and inviting atmosphere. Chaumette is known for catering to couples—especially those seeking a quiet retreat away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The view from the villas at Chaumette is breathtaking, and couples can enjoy sipping the latest vintage as they toast to the beginning of their new life together.
Napa Valley: Sunny California also iswine trip home to some of the best wineries in the country. Travel to the inviting vineyards of Sonoma for wine tasting and relaxation. Stay in luxury hotels, romantic and rugged retreats or opt for a cozy bed and breakfast that overlooks the vineyards. For fun, enjoy a hot air balloon ride or opt for an unforgettable ride on the Wine Train. Leave your mark on the valley and create your own personalized ‘love lock’ to secure on the Love Lock Bridge.


Toast to your future by celebrating the beginning of forever in perfect vintage splendor. And drink in the intoxication of love with a honeymoon getaway among the vineyards.


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